LEM 575 Watt #8 Meat Grinder Review

LEM 575 watt #8 review

LEM 575 watt #8 reviewThe LEM #8 575 watt grinder is budget-friendly, lightweight and compact with the power to handle most home processing needs. This is a review for the LEM #8 Countertop Model 1113, not the stainless steel #8 Big Bite grinder. Unlike the heavy duty Big Bite grinders, the LEM 575 watt #8 grinder is easy to pick up and move around your kitchen. Because, let’s face it, lugging around a machine that weighs over 30 pounds is not an easy feat. You almost need a warning on it that says “Team Lift”. And 30 pounds is the lightest of the stainless steel grinders from LEM. And while a stainless steel grinder is pretty impressive to look at, the cost is quite high. Especially if you only plan on using a meat grinder occasionally. So if you are just going to grind every now and then and don’t want to spend lot of money; or if you want something that is more portable than a stainless steel grinder, check out the LEM 575 watts grinder.

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Power and Capacity of the LEM #8 575 Watt Grinder

Let’s talk about power. LEM is pretty straightforward in regards to naming its meat grinders. It tells you exactly how much power the grinder uses, which is 575 watts. This is more than enough grinding power to process even the toughest of meat. LEM products are made for hunters so it is made to process tough game meats like venison. Whether you are looking for a grinder to process game meat or farm raised meat like beef and pork, the LEM can handle it. As one reviewer puts it, “If it fits down the throat, the grinder will grind it up.”

LEM #8 575 grinding meatLEM suggest this model if you just want to process 1-2 deer a year. The LEM 575 watts grinder can process 2-3 pounds of meat a minute. In 15 minutes, you can grind 30-45 pounds of meat – enough ground meat to last you a month. Pure ground meat with nothing questionable added to it. You can portion them and freeze them. No need to run to the grocery store pick up questionable ground meat. In the mood for burgers? Feel like spaghetti for dinner? No problem! Just head to your freezer.

If you are looking for a grinder to grind bones, the LEM 575 Watt isn’t made to grind bones. You will need a heavy duty grinder to be able to grind bones effectively and without breaking your grinder. LEM approves their #12 stainless steel grinder to grind bones. Alternatively, you can check out the Weston #22 if you want something bigger. Read this for more info on grinders that can grind bones.

This grinder uses the normal 120v and is UL approved.

Grinder Size and Feeding Tubes

The grinder is a size 8 so the size of the output is about 2 ½ inches.  It has a narrow feed tube – 1 5/8 diameter, so you can’t shove large pieces of meat down the tube. You will need to cut your meat into approximately 1 inch cubes or strips so it will fit down the feeding tube. The size 8 is a small grinder and most commonly used in the kitchen.

Grinder Plates and Cutting Knife

LEM #8 575 grinder headWhile the grinder itself is not made of stainless steel, the grinder plates and cutting knife are stainless steel – something you don’t find with most other grinders in this price range. The LEM #8 575 watts comes with 1 cutting knife, 2 grinder plates and 1 stuffing plate.

The size of plate is 2 1/2 inches. The 2 plates come with this grinder are the size 5/16 (8mm) coarse plate which has 18 holes and fine3/16 (4.8 mm) fine plate with 48 holes.

Also included is a 7/8 inch stuffing tube. If you want to make sausages that are smaller or larger than that, you will have to order additional stuffing tubes.

What Are the Parts on the LEM 575 Watt #8 Grinder Made Of?

Unlike LEM’s Big Bite line of grinder, the LEM #8 575 watts is not made of stainless steel. The motor housing, or body of the grinder is made of plastic. The grinder plates and cutting knife, however, are stainless steel.

The grinder head unit is made of die-cast aluminum. The auger and meat tray is also made of aluminum.

Both the meat stomper and stuffing tube that comes with it are made of plastic.

The internal gear is made of plastic, which is the biggest complaint for this grinder.

Are the Parts Dishwasher Safe?

The attachments are not dishwasher-safe and should be hand-washed in warm soapy water. The aluminum parts will discolor if you wash them in the dishwasher. It turns an ugly dark blackish color. It will still be safe to use, it just won’t look very nice.


–          2 grinder plates

–          1 stuffing plate

–          1 sausage stuffing tube

–          1 cutting knife

–          Meat stomper

–          Replacement gear

Since LEM also has size 8 commercial grinder, all the accessories and attachments for a size 8 will fit on this countertop model. Which is great, because you are not limited to just what comes with your grinder.


Cord Storage Under the Motor Housing

I’m always happy when my kitchen appliances come with a place to tuck the cord in. Otherwise I have to go find a rubber band or twisty-tie to keep the cords nice and neat when I store my appliances. If I don’t, all the cords are bound to get jumble up so that when I go to grab something I need, it will inevitably drag other stuff with it and things start falling everywhere. Such a hassle! Every kitchen appliance should have some place to tuck the cord in – it makes storing it so much easier.

Easy to Read Power Indicator

LEM #8 575 controlsLights up blue when the grinder is on. It’s nice so you can just glance at it to see that it’s on.


To operate the grinder, there are 3 buttons – on off reverse. It has an easy to read power indicator.


Size: 13.4 x 14.3 x 10.6 inches

Weight: 10.9 pounds

Meat tray: 10″L x 6 3/4″W x 1 3/4″H

Warranty: 1 Year from date of purchase

Manual: Product Manual


–          Great price

–          Lightweight and compact

–          Comes with stainless steel plates and cutter

–          Excellent customer service from the manufacturer

–          Lots of optional attachments if you want or need them in the future


–          The grinder can be loud

–          The internal gears are plastic

–          Grinder is made of plastic and aluminum

Consumer Ratings

The grinding power of the machine is great and there are little complaints about the grinding power of this model. About 9% of the reviews were 1 and 2 star reviews. There were about 4-5 reviews that said that the gear on their grinder stripped and 1 said that their unit did not work at all. The other negative reviews said that the unit was too noisy and a couple had problems with the sausage stuffer. Unfortunately, a small percentage of consumers will get a defective grinder. This is regrettable if you happen to be one of the unlucky users with a defective grinder. However, LEM has excellent customer service and takes care of its customers.

Here’s a video review of this grinder:

Bottom Line

If you’re just looking for a grinder to occasionally grind and don’t expect it to be a heavy duty grinder, you will be happy with the LEM #8. It works great and you’ll be assured that you are feeding your family meat without questionable ingredients added. Just remember that it is made of plastic and aluminum and not stainless steel like their other models.

Get this grinder if:

  • You want a grinder that is budget-friendly
  • You are okay with it being made of plastic and aluminum
  • You will only grind occasionally

Don’t get this grinder if:

  • You want a stainless steel grinder
  • You want a heavy duty grinder for daily use.

Check out the #8 stainless steel grinder from LEM instead.


The LEM is very affordable for most people and Amazon has the lowest everyday price that I have seen. You may be able to get it cheaper with sales and coupons from other sites around big holidays, but I like the convenience of Amazon.

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